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The Snow Leopard Trust aims to better understand the endangered snow leopard, and protect the cat in partnership with communities that share its habitat. Snow leopards are perfectly adapted to the cold, barren landscape of their high- altitude home, but human threats have created an uncertain future for the cats. Learn about the snow leopard, as well as the threats it faces, what WWF is doing to conserve its future, and how you can help.

The snow leopard, known for its beautiful, thick fur, has a white, yellowish or soft gray coat with ringed spots of black on brown. The markings help camouflage it. They are insulated by thick hair, and their wide, fur-covered feet act as natural snowshoes. Snow leopards have powerful legs and are tremendous leapers, able. The elegant snow leopard is one of the world's most elusive cats. Sparsely But in just 16 years, snow leopard numbers have declined by at least 20%.

Spellbound is how Stephen Sparrow felt when he first encountered one of the very elusive snow leopards of the Himalayan mountains, before it disappeared. Did you know that only snow leopards are surviving in the wild today? Read more than 50 facts about this amazing creature. OS X Mavericks is available as a free download from the Mac App Store. If you need to purchase Mac OS X Snow Leopard you may order it from this page.


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