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The cheval de frise was a medieval defensive anti-cavalry measure consisting of a portable frame covered with many projecting long iron or wooden spikes or. Borrowed from French cheval de frise (“Frisian horse”), so named because it was employed by the Dutch (who lacked cavalry) against the Spanish cavalry in. nounWord forms: plural chevaux-de-frise (ʃəˌvəʊdəˈfriːz) Word origin of 'cheval-de-frise' Fr < cheval, a horse + de, of + Frise, Friesland: first used by Frisians, who lacked cavalry, against Spaniards.

Chevaux-de-frise definition: → cheval-de-frise | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples. Cheval-de-frise definition is - a defense consisting typically of a timber or an iron barrel covered with projecting spikes and often strung with barbed wire. Chevaux-de-frise definition, plural of cheval-de-frise. See more.

Authors: Ingrid Daubechies (Princeton University, USA), Michel Defrise (Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium), Christine De Mol (Universite Libre. Discover the family tree of Aldgillius (King) of FRIESLAND,aka Aldgilse (Adgilles Eadgils Adgillus Aldegill) Ier de FRISE; De Friesland for free, and learn about. List of computer science publications by Michel Defrise.


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